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The Challenge

In the Business 4.0™ era, customers expect anytime, anywhere personalized services. Enterprises seek to engage with customers through multi-modal, voice-first conversations by leveraging messaging platforms, smart speakers, VPAs, and human-intensive contact centers. However, enterprises face several challenges such as handling digital disruption, adopting emerging technologies, retaining customers and employees, and maintaining competitive edge when adopting a conversational experience approach.

TCS Solution

TCS’ Conversational Enterprise offers multi-modal, optichannel, Machine First™ interactions by leveraging

  • Chat / voice bots: personalized customer experience for specific use cases for voice-first channels such as smart speakers, displays and wearables

  • Conversational AI: AI-based vision, language translation, knowledge extraction and analytics to make the conversations engaging and effective

  • Digital avatars: conversation scripting to give the digital avatars a unique persona aligned with the brand vision. Ensure success with its superior design, UI and human-like behavior

  • Contact centers: effective customer service with the right mix of virtual and human agents through cloud-based, AI-powered, cost-effective contact centers

  • Role-based AR / VR solutions: remote assistance through VR kiosks, mobile AR solutions and employee-centric HMD or smart glasses-based customer experience



  • 50% increase in customer satisfaction by effectively combining voice, vision and virtual experiences

  • Personalized, multi-modal (NLP, voice, vision, XR), optichannel conversations improve customer acquisition and loyalty

  • 15% of customer service interactions handled by virtual agents or assistants, resulting in cost savings

  • 100% frequent customer queries answered in real time with > 85% accuracy, with bots that learn on-the-job

  • Customer call waiting times reduced to zero for all calls

  • 30% increase in employee productivity, with conversational solutions helping them perform better in sales, marketing and customer service

  • Smart speakers, displays and wearables with natural language enable wider customer reach

  • 20% increase in digital engagement of consumers, opening avenues for new business models and revenue streams

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