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TCS’ In-Genius Smart Energy Management System

TCS leverages IoT platform to monitor energy consumption across 112 sites, saves 26.6 Million KWh.

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Smart Energy Management Capabilities

Corporations face intense regulatory pressure to report and reduce their energy footprint.

Low control on expansive and geographically distributed sites often results in inefficient utilization of power across a company.

Manufacturing units must tap into new avenues and find innovative ways to reduce costs, while enterprises need to continuously assess their ‘as-is’ state, identify the chief carbon/energy contributors, and execute measures to reduce the energy consumption.

Organizations need a platform to monitor real-time electricity consumption and facilitate centralized energy management and automated alert systems by leveraging IoT, Big Data, and Analytics.


TCS cuts down electricity consumption with just-in-time energy management as-a-service.

TCS employs a quarter of a million people and expects to add 60,000 more—spending roughly INR 500 crore or $75 million on electricity. To cut this bill, we conceptualized and developed an in-genius Smart Energy Management System.

Our dynamic platform delivered energy performance improvement ‘as-a-service’ through edge connectivity of various assets, data acquisition and gateway, cloud-based technology, and analytics. This included tracking people movement and asset utilization.

to the cloud and performed edge level processing and control. This let us benchmark the efficiency of chillers and HVAC systems across sites and vendors.

With minimal investment, TCS eliminates anomalous energy usage.

To benefit from predictive usage patterns, we applied health models to calculate engines and maintain operational efficiency, and to conditionally monitor and notify on events.

We monitored and reported the quality of energy data received from meters and enabled users to manage alerts and notifications, view, and track closure for facilities. This allowed analytics driven decision making.

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