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Loss, damage and even theft of goods taking place during transit is a common problem, resulting in huge losses for the transport operator. It could be sensitive products that are damaged due to a broken cold chain or the sensitive nature of pharmaceuticals, high-value luxury goods and fragile equipment – all have unique business challenges. The common denominator is to ensure that they arrive at their destination – on time, as planned and in a good condition.

TCS Solution

TCS DigiCargo™ is a connected cargo solution designed to provide real-time 360-degree visibility and predictive insights of shipments and assets using IoT, machine learning and exception management to move cargo and fleet in a smarter way.

It consists of three components:

  • IoT device to measure real-time location and condition of the shipment viz temperature, humidity, shock, tilt and light exposure
  • Device management and shipment transactional layer
  • Intelligence layer comprising a logistics command centre, analytics module and ML algorithms to derive predictive insights


  • Eliminate blind spots in shipment visibility
  • Identify issues before they happen
  • React quickly to exceptions
  • Improve revenue through unbilled freight accessorials
  • Improve shipment turnaround time, service levels and asset utilization
  • Reduce losses and claims payouts
  • Improve freight pricing through superior customer service
  • Improve market share

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