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Traditional innovation cycles take six months or more to ready a minimum viable product (MVP) and to discover any failures. Enterprises today cannot afford to wait that long and prefer speedy strategic growth.

Businesses continually aim to beat their competitors by regularly introducing new and improved solutions and products. What they need is innovation at speed and at scale. 



TCS Solution

TCS Digital Garage realizes our customers' growth strategies by innovating revolutionary business models, ensuring faster time-to-market, and strengthening their digital core. Its ‘fail fast’ approach allows identifying drawbacks within four to eight weeks.

The Garage combines differentiated and a unique design thinking, agile-driven approach. This along with the TCS advantage of a strong culture of innovation and expertise in niche technologies, such as artificial intelligence markup language, blockchain, cloud and DevOps, contact center, conversational experience technology, Internet of Things (IoT), and augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), all work towards rapidly addressing a customer’s challenge—at speed and scale.

TCS Digital Garage offers end-to-end innovation services that boost an enterprise’s purpose-led transformation journey by bringing in talent, capital, and capabilities through an ecosystem environment. The Garage has developed about 35 solutions in the last two years. Read the attached PDF to know how the Digital Garage can help you embrace disruption. 



  • Rapid prototypes, proof of concepts or technology (PoC/PoT), proof of value
  • Drive experiments in innovation leveraging internal TCS collaborations and external partnerships that lead to new product development
  • Build, execute, and iterate until products are fit for the market
  • Innovation Days for customers to get a focused sense of the solution
  • A hybrid of physical solution demonstrations as well as remote interventions. For instance, virtual design thinking workshops



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