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TCS Drones Offerings

Reimagine Operations and Automate Processes

TCS drones offerings provide enterprises innovative market-ready solutions




Enterprises spend a significant amount of effort and cost on performing manual tracking and surveillance activities such as industrial infrastructure surveys, asset condition assessments, and inventory management. Manual processes are prone to human error, and pose significant risk to the health and safety of field personnel. Such challenges impede the path to full digitization and automation of industrial processes.

TCS Solution

TCS’ drones offerings help companies minimize their operational risk and costs, and boost productivity and accuracy in a host of applications across industries. We help enterprises reimagine operations by leveraging drone technologies and fit-for-purpose cameras, sensors, and advanced analytics, providing them an ecosystem for rapid experimentation, solution scale-out, and co-innovation. Our offerings comprise market-ready solutions across the drone value chain. Use cases include:

  • Warehouse inventory reconciliation: Inventory counting using computer vision for autonomous navigation in an indoor environment; and AI for inventory recognition. Read More here
  • Forest inventory management: Forest inventory count and volume estimation of wood; detection of illegal encroachments and deforestation; vegetation health management; and species recognition using machine learning and analytics
  • Yard management: Mapping of yards to improve visibility into space utilization and available capacity; AI-based identification and reconciliation of inventory; and detection of empty and full slots in large open yards
  • Asset inspection: Regular and timely inspections ensuring safety and compliance with regulatory requirements; and enhancing efficiency in fixed, linear, or civilian assets


Warehouse Inventory Management Made Smarter

TCS’ drone-powered warehouse solution simplifies the complexities and challenges of inventory audit

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