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Migrate to cloud via eight modules, managed PaaS services and an underlying open architecture



Today, businesses are racing to reimagine their digital ecosystems with a focus on agility and flexibility. The global platform as a service or PaaS market is expected to grow at 12.4% CAGR between 2018 and 2022. However, enterprises cannot simply transition to the public cloud, as it compromises visibility and data security. A private cloud ecosystem built on open-source technology is a cost-optimized alternative, scalable via managed PaaS services with support for unique in-house integrations.

TCS Solution

TCS’ enterprise cloud platform (ECP) is a ready-to-implement solution, allowing fast migration into a hybrid/private cloud-based IT environment. Powered by Openstack, Kubernetes, and Docker, the solution uses the latest technologies to simplify app development and deployment in a cloud ecosystem.

ECP PaaS is a comprehensive offering including these key solution components:

  • Container-as-a-service for IT management through container-based virtualization
  • Connected data-as-a-service for end-to-end data processes, including IoT and SMACK
  • Database-as-a-service compatible with structured and open source databases
  • Big data-as-a-service to drive business transformation
  • Workspace-as-a-service for virtualized employee modules
  • Blockchain-as-a-service, including a pre-configured hyper-ledger based sandbox environment
  • TCS intelligent information management services for information governance
  • BaNCS on TCS cloud to optimize financial applications

The solution can be integrated with existing enterprise systems in addition to managed PaaS services, for monitoring support and upgrades. As a 360-degree partner, TCS provides all the tools, templates, and code libraries that enterprises need to streamline app management within PaaS structures.


  • Optimize costs and efforts through managed IT service
  • Resolve common issues based on insights from other businesses
  • Utilize cost-efficient open-source functions, tools, and technologies
  • Integrate information from SAP, Oracle, MS, and legacy on-premise environments
  • Address a variety of requirements with a singular solution suite
  • Eliminate iterative tasks to drive strategic business initiatives
  • Achieve portability and flexible cloud services with zero vendor lock-in


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