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The ever-expanding content repository and rapid proliferation of non-linear channels is making rights management processes increasingly complex and time-consuming. Upstream and downstream workflows are not properly integrated, leading to poor visibility into rights availability. Moreover, procurement and legal teams at media enterprises deal with convoluted contracts that require extensive manual intervention, increasing chances of human error and exposing the company to legal risk.    

TCS Solution

TCS’ Enterprise Rights Management Solution helps companies and visibility into assets and their rights. The solution has the following salient features:

  • Simplifies the management of content rights at a granular level across linear and non-linear channels 
  • Integrates content acquisition and distribution workflows to allow business users to validate the availability of products’ rights in real-time
  • Standardizes contract structure and streamlines management of customers, vendors, and products
  • Performs complicated royalty calculations and enables financial tracking of contracts
  • Helps maintain channel carriage deals using a robust subscription tracking mechanism
  • Leverages a multi-level security mechanism to bolster information security


  • Optimized time-to-market: Enhance scheduling speed with faster license status validation    
  • Better asset visibility: Track the number of licenses acquired and sold accurately
  • Improved revenue recognition: Enable clear demarcation of revenues accruing from assets
  • Higher operational efficiency: Automate error-prone processes and reduce manual effort
  • Reduced legal risk: Identify non-compliant license types to minimize contract risk 
  • Lower TCO: Reduce CAPEX by deploying the solution on cloud



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