TCS finds that innovation is its digital spine



TCS finds that innovation is its digital spine

This impact report by Katy Ring, 451 Research who attended the recently concluded TCS Innovation Forum gives a comprehensive impression of TCS .  

TCS recently held its Innovation Forum in London, an event it has run annually for the past four years. Approximately 320 customers attended, making it the best attended so far, and offering further evi­dence of how the European region is leading growth for the company.

At the Forum, which 451 Research attended, the company presented the work undertaken by its Re­search and Innovation Labs, explaining how this unit is playing an increasingly important role in its digital transformation services. 

Excerpt from the report –

"TCS has spent more than a decade evolving its innovation model, beginning with academic collaboration in the 1970s, launching its first Research & Innovation Lab in the 1980s, and adding the emerging technology ecosystem to this in 2003. It has had its Co-Innovation Network (COIN) in place since 2007. Ananth Krishnan, EVP and CTO for TCS, has been exploring four key innovation themes over the past decade. First, the blurring of boundaries between industries, with Amazon as a key example. Second, the way that the sciences are intersecting, which requires an interdisciplinary approach to study. Third, the digitization of industry and society that is being driven by the consumer. And, fourth, the new wave of industrialization that is sweeping through the business world.

To address these changes, TCS positions its offerings in three main contexts. To support its customers with consumer-focused strategies, or ‘selfie’ customers, in TCS’s parlance. The company offers ways to build digital spines for customers, bringing the cloud, mobile, big data and APIs in to create better customer experiences as well as introducing a mindset about doing things in an agile way."

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