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TCS Grows Healthily Again in Europe in 2013

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In this IDC report, Douglas Hayward discusses TCS’ growth in the UK and Continental Europe in 2013, highlighting that TCS remains a strong and healthy player.

He comments that the results are very good, which go to show that TCS has continued to not only grow far faster than its major onshore competitors but also doing so at higher margins and with a strong cash flow.

Excerpt from the report: 
“In Europe, TCS's strengths include the depth and breadth of its ADM and BPO services, its growing 'Digital' focus on the 3rd Platform, and its willingness to invest in 'localization' of its assets, delivery machine, and brand. Its challenges include a connection to the lines-of-business and the CxO suite that is still weak by comparison with some key competitors (such as Accenture and IBM) and a relatively less mature account management model than some key tier-1 competitors, and a lingering image for being more of a technology implementer and a BPO provider than a consulting-led business partner. All of these are of course fixable, and in any case they are hardly holding TCS back. TCS in Europe says it has been investing more in marketing function, historically not a strong part of the organization, and we expect this to continue in 2014.

Overall, in Europe TCS remains a strong and healthy offshore-based player with a tier-1 IT services status in the U.K., but still with plenty to achieve on the continent — particularly in France and Germany. For now, it looks on course to reach that achievement.”

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