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TCS helps BANCOLOMBIA transform into an agile organization
Jorge Ospina, Technology VP, and M. Maldonado, Leader of Agile and IT Methodology, talk about the reasons why Agile is the right path and why TCS is the right partner for this transformation.
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IT Infrastructure App development and Testing RPA

“Now, more than a project approach where there is a beginning and an end, we are looking into how we can deliver more value to the organization”

Miguel Maldonado, Leader of Agile and IT Methodology, GRUPO BANCOLOMBIA

Experience Results

Jorge mentions that the main benefit of agile transformation is the increased customer satisfaction, where they have already observed improvement in user perception.

Experience Partnership

Miguel talks about how he doesn't simply want to have an implementation or a deployment. What he wants is a partner to help him transform the organization into a more Agile BANCOLOMBIA

Experience Leadership

Miguel also mentions the passion, strong commitment and extensive knowledge of team TCS to help BANCOLOMBIA make this transformation.

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