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TCS helps Infineon Technologies Accelerate Sales Cycle through Digital Transformation
Robert Leindl, CIO, Infineon Technologies, and Adam White, Project Owner, CAESAR, Infineon Technologies, talk at length about how TCS, leveraging its deep contextual knowledge and experience in the semiconductor industry, helped Infineon Technologies transform their complex sales process.
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Experience Partnership

Infineon Technologies and Tata Consultancy Services have now been trusted partners for more than a decade. Robert Liendl states that TCS’ strong business contextual knowledge of Infineon and capability to deliver digital transformation at scale in the semiconductor industry made it their optimal partner.

Experience Results

Highlighting TCS’ work in key Business 4.0™ technological ecosystem, Adam White says that by harnessing the power of cloud and automation, the TCS Solution provided cutting edge user experience, business agility and competitiveness, and accelerated their sales cycle.

Experience Leadership

Appreciating TCS’ expertise in Digital Transformation, Robert Liendl, remarked, “Despite the massive complexity of the system, TCS demonstrated really great capabilities and delivered on schedule…First responses are positive. The proof lies in the rapid adaption of our global sales and marketing teams.”

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