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TCS helps the University of Alberta simplify their systems and reimagine services for delivering education
Phyllis Clark, Vice President of Finance and Administration and David Dittaro, Director of Enterprise Applications ,highlight their partnership with TCS over the years by elaborating on how they’ve worked with a strategic service provider to explore new opportunities for service simplification, and also to continue their strive to be on the leading edge of innovation
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Experience Results

By partnering with TCS, U of A saw three major areas of results: Efficiencies with their systems, optimized business processes and digitization of their operations.

Experience Partnership

Listen as David Dittaro discusses how TCS has brought a lot of life to U of A whether through work projects, production tickets or socially around holidays and other milestones.

Experience Leadership

We at the University of Alberta pride ourselves on being on the leading edge of innovation. TCS has helped us recognize how digitization feeds into what we need to do that. They've reimagined some of the processes that we offer, some of the services that we deliver.

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