TCS Innovation Forum 2017 – IDC Market Note

The IDC team attended TCS Innovation Forum held in London in May 2017. They listened to several technology executives, innovation practitioners and Researchers from leading universities, academia, VCs and start up partners, discussing how new age technologies are affecting the global business landscape. The IDC team also had in-depth sessions with TCS CTO Ananth Krishnan, Chief Innovation Evangelist Shashi Bhushan, and Sankha Som from TCS' innovation team.  Based on their interactions, the team came up with the IDC market note which discusses the impressions from TCS' Innovation Forum 2017 in London. 

At the event, one hundred TCS executives and partners met 350 clients and analysts to discuss the potential of Digital transformation. There were also testimonials about how TCS' Ignio helped clients become smarter, faster, and lighter.  

Apart from highlighting Ananth’s talk on the need to create a "digital spine" as the basis to reach the next level of business transformation and meet the demands of a "selfie customer." , the IDC report also covered areas such as automation, TCS Research and Innovation etc in detail. 

The report concludes by highlighting that "TCS Innovation Forum" was a success and shows that TCS is increasing its relevance and influence on enterprises in the UK with its thoughts about innovation and automation.