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Add to Calendar 2018-04-25 18:30:00 2018-04-25 19:30:00 Europe/London EVENT TCS Innovation Forum on Innovation Driven Business 4.0 – Mexico City 2018 Mexico City, Mexico

TCS Innovation Forum will be the meeting point for IT leaders, who seek to renew their innovation thinking through enriching discussions and interaction with colleagues from different industries, whose focus on key factors drives the transformation of Business 4.0 from their respective companies. TCS Innovation Forum for LATAM region is organized on April 26, 2018.

The innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as regulatory changes and more agile business models are driving the transformation of companies around the world. Today more than ever they must be more agile, intelligent, automated and in the cloud. This transformed state is Business 4.0 , whose movement is driven by the application of new technologies to meet the current needs of consumers, making the different business areas operate towards the same objective, which represents a fundamental change of the "Era de Productivity " to the " Age of Abundance " .

The new competitiveness is defined by the ability to use digital technologies that allow to personalize unique customer experiences, create exponential value, leverage ecosystems and accept risk. TCS is the main force in driving this transformational change, through rapid and continuous innovation, product of investments in global research and co-innovation with its clients.


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