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E-commerce has become an essential part of our lives, and customers expect an experience that is tailored to their needs. Organizations must realize that just having a high-tech strategy without focusing on customer relationships and improving brand loyalty won’t give them a competitive advantage. Successful e-commerce strategies rely on customer information to customize marketing campaigns. Leveraging AI and ML models, organizations can create buyer personas that can be used to automate their content strategy. Centralizing customer data will drastically improve customer service, and in turn, bolster customer experience. Cloud can help businesses innovate faster, and IoT can help them improve the overall value proposition. Customer relationships give businesses a chance to transform their websites into ecosystems that cater to not just customers but also their suppliers and partners. Owning the right data makes it possible for businesses to gather customer insights which will then simplify the customization process and improve customer experience further.

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Alistair Davidson
Senior Content Strategist – TCS Interactive, TCS

Murugan Sivasubramanian
Leader, Digital Experience & Commerce, North America, TCS 



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