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The interruption in supply due to the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the relationship between marketing, selling, and sourcing, requiring full visibility of supply chain to execute successful marketing campaigns. While B2B businesses want to leverage the uncertainties in supply, to position themselves as additional suppliers, B2C businesses are looking to introduce certainty into logistics by moving customers from a one-time purchase to a subscription purchase. With uncertainties such as buyer preferences, national security issues, and location of production, marketers now need to collaborate with the CEO, digital commerce, production, and logistics departments to revisit order-time assumptions when planning campaigns. Marketers need to consider four strategies that affect the capital requirements and marketing decisions:

  • Carrying more inventory close to the customer
  • Seeking multiple logistics chain suppliers
  • Extending logistics contracts to lock in delivery capabilities
  • Moving production closer to markets

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Alistair Davidson
Senior Content Strategist – TCS Interactive, TCS

Murugan Sivasubramanian
Leader, Digital Experience – TCS Interactive, TCS


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