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Taxonomy classifications help enterprises categorize, retrieve, and present individual web pages and manage web marketing seamlessly. The following strategies can help update taxonomy:

  • Updating every page: While classifying each page individually requires time and resources, taxonomy development, based upon examining page performance, can help visitors efficiently find the information that they need.
  • Updating the most important pages: Focusing the taxonomy on the most popular pages of the website and classifying them on their importance can bring fast improvement in page finding and streamline the taxonomy process.
  • Customer-profitability driven pages: Profitability-driven taxonomy allows for faster upgrades in performance, and helps retain important customers with minimal effort.
  • Popularity and machine learning: Combined with machine learning, popularity of web pages allows tailoring of content to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Customer journeys and outside-in approaches: Mapping a customer journey and looking at the taxonomy classification for each page in the journey can help make decisions about search engine optimization marketing, or identify the appropriate SEO strategy.

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Alistair Davidson
Senior Content Strategist – TCS Interactive, TCS

Ben Gremillion
Content Strategist – TCS Interactive, TCS



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