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Malaysia Airlines Reaches the Cloud with TCS
Tan Kok Meng, Chief Information Office, Malaysia Airlines, speaks about the airlines’ digital transformation strategy and highlights how TCS has executed one of the largest digital transformations in the aviation industry to adopt a 100% Hybrid Cloud platform.
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Malaysia Airlines
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“We set out with an ambitious goal to digitally transform core IT operations to an as-a-service model, to achieve a quantum leap in cost savings, scalability, efficiencies, agility, and other key factors.”

- Tan Kok Meng, CIO, Malaysia Airlines

Experience Results

Malaysia Airlines is on a journey to become a digital airline. Having adopted an innovative cloud-first approach, the airline has shifted its entire data center and 200 applications to an industry-first 100% Hybrid Cloud model. With TCS' experience and expertise, Malaysia Airlines were able to achieve the entire transformation in a much lesser time, than what they had initially anticipated. Malaysia Airlines expects a 51% cost reduction in IT over 5 years, productivity improvements of 80% of core applications, faster applications delivery times, and more.

Experience Partnership

TCS has been a trusted partner throughout the transformation journey. We understand customer and market very well and bring in the advantage of our global presence, domain expertise and experience. TCS collaborated with Microsoft, SAP, and numerous other vendors to ensure Malaysia Airlines’ current phase of digital evolution is seamless and cost-efficient and delivered without business disruption. The project scope included re-platforming of legacy applications for cloud compatibility and network service provisioning for large and complex airline operations.

This transformation project is the latest evolution in the relationship between Malaysia Airlines and TCS, a relationship that has consistently grown since the first 5-year agreement was signed for IT Infrastructure services in 2010.

Experience Leadership

The pioneering move makes Malaysia Airlines the world’s first full-service airline to completely replace its existing data centres and adopt full-scale cloud solutions for its entire range of applications running mission critical commercial, operations and corporate systems.

TCS is proud to partner with Malaysia Airlines to help position them as leader in digital capabilities and add a lot of digital innovations to achieve a better customer experience.

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