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  • TCS and Microsoft have teamed up together to provide an industry-leading suite of sustainability solutions powered by TCS’ deep contextual knowledge and Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. 
  • Together, we help our joint clients improve transparency; quantify the actual social, environmental, and economic impacts of their assets; and meet regulatory reporting requirements.
  • We enable better performance monitoring, analytics, and just-in-time maintenance with Microsoft Azure AI, ML, IoT, digital twins, and more.


We believe that by working together as true partners we can deliver the most sustainable and successful results.

Sustainability is no longer a choice for businesses. As resources become scarcer, companies and investors are looking to improve environment, social, and governance (ESG) performance. Environment-conscious customers and tighter government and industry regulations also make it an imperative for enterprises to embrace sustainability.

At TCS, we are committed to empowering businesses to meet their sustainability challenges. Through our Sustainability Services, we help enterprises become more resilient, adaptable, and make sustainable choices for a better tomorrow. And cloud is key to how we embed sustainability in businesses. 



Reach your net-zero goals with TCS and Microsoft Cloud.

Our sustainability solutions on Microsoft Cloud help organizations across industries to create net-zero emission pathways and meet their sustainability goals. We empower them to become sustainable businesses with the agility to innovate and create products and services that are kinder to the planet. Our solutions include:


TCS Clever Energy™

Helps organizations understand intricate energy performance factors and become more sustainable.



Enhances power plant reliability, flexibility and cost
efficiency while supporting compliance with
tightening emission norms.


TCS Envirozone™

Helps organizations manage end-to-end carbon compliance with tightening emissions and mitigate supplier sourcing,
operational and upstream sustainability risks.


TCS ESG Integration

Enables financial institutions to control and track ESG data across financial and investment portfolios to identify and adopt green or ESG-friendly practices.  


TCS Cognitive Plant Operations Adviser

Helps in rapidly building and deploying cutting-edge digital solutions. By unlocking the power of data and engineering sciences, it enables industrial plants to accelerate their intelligent enterprise journey.


TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange™

Is a smart city cloud platform that leverages cross-enterprise data and data from multiple domains, systems, and IoT devices, and runs advanced analytics to support city and government services.

TCS secured the AWS environment with data privacy controls across multiple cloud accounts.



Drive sustainability across your value chains.

When you work with us, you can drive sustainability across your business and value chains. Not just that, you can drive sustainable living and consumption by providing insights into energy usage and helping reduce waste and emissions. Together, we can:

  • Manage climate change and preserve natural resources.
  • Embed circularity in your products and services.
  • Build an inclusive, regenerative, and thriving society.
  • Measure, monitor, and de-risk sustainability investments.
  • Drive transparency among all stakeholders.



Metering a power-ful change

A case in point is the way we helped smaller renewable energy providers to compete in the Australian energy market. Through a big data and AI-infused metering data management solution built on Azure, TCS and Microsoft enabled AEMO, Australia’s energy market operator, to move from a 30-minute settlement of buying and selling of energy to five-minute settlements (5MS). Our work has made a significant impact on both energy consumers and the market with:

  • Better pricing for consumers.
  • More use and production of renewable energy. 
  • Fewer anomalies in metering with better accuracy in reporting. 
  • Reduced risks.

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The TCS advantage

TCS is a proven sustainability partner for real change.

We leverage our deep partnership with Microsoft and our contextual knowledge of industries and client priorities to help you meet your sustainability goals.

  • With more than 200 sustainability offerings, we can help you meet your most ambitious sustainability goals.
  • Our 30,000 Microsoft-certified associates with expertise in AI, ML, IoT, digital twin, and advanced analytics help make the journey seamless for you.
  • Our industry-aligned approach to sustainability helps you realize faster results and see greater efficiency and resilience. 
  • TCS is one of the largest Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability partners, trusted with helping clients accelerate their sustainability journey.