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Process Automation Solution for Bancolombia
Jorge Ivan Otalvaro, VP of Customer Service at Bancolombia, tells us about the group’s challenges and the extraordinary benefits it has realized through TCS MFDM™
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Grupo Bancolombia
Banking and Financial Services
IT Infrastructure, App Development and Testing ,RPA

“Grupo Bancolombia has achieved a return on investment ratio of 1:13, which means that for every dollar invested, we have generated a return of 13 dollars for our organization.”

Jorge Ivan Otalvaro, VP of Customer Service, Grupo Bancolombia

Experience Results

Grupo Bancolombia has generated approximately $250 million through expense reduction and revenue of more than $10 million during 2019 using automation tools.

Experience Partnership

TCS has served as a strategic ally for Grupo Bancolombia in this process, leading an important knowledge transfer process and supporting the group in difficult situations.

Experience Leadership

With its global presence, TCS collates best practices that are delivered to Bancolombia to support its strategic, technological, business, operational and digital transformation.

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