TCS Positions for Growth in Europe



TCS Positions for Growth in Europe

This report discusses TCS’ position in Europe, its commitment to strengthen its position in Europe, with particular focus on increasing its foothold as a global IT services brand, increasing awareness among C‐suite buyers and a localization strategy.

Excerpts from the report:
Moving into 2015, it is clear that TCS will continue to build on its global strengths in Europe, including maintaining
its high customer satisfaction levels and its customer centricity, enabled by its global P&L structure, all under
the global marketing banner of ‘Experience Certainty.’

TCS has successfully positioned itself as a credible competitor to leading local and global IT services providers in Europe, taking it away from the historic comparison with other India headquartered offshore companies. The company has a solid footprint in the UK and strong relationships with large customer organizations in other European countries, like the Nordics, Benelux, Switzerland, Germany and now France. Impressive customer satisfaction levels has opened the door to increased opportunities with customers, often focused on business outcome values that go beyond pure cost savings from labor arbitrage.

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