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Existing data center environments are heterogeneous and require high maintenance effort, leading to poor cost efficiency. Various platforms in the data center landscape require multiple interfaces to interact with each other, which add to the monitoring and management effort. Several end-of-life network components have little OEM support, while some network elements are not being operated as per industry standards, leading to poor system performance and complex data center operations.  

TCS Solution

We help companies and proven solutions. We enable organizations to identify business and technology gaps in the areas of network design and architecture, performance, security, cloud readiness, SDN adoption, and network virtualization. TCS provides services across:

  • Technology: Enabling network virtualization, improving call routing efficiency, and catalyzing high network reliability and security
  • Cost: Accelerating network consolidation including components like switches and routers, and functions such as infrastructure security
  • Processes: Ensuring continuous improvement with process simplification and implementation of industry standards
  • Resources: Optimizing resource allocation and running cross-skill training programs  


  • Reduce operational costs with data center consolidation
  • Enhance data center availability through reduced unprecedented downtime
  • Increase workforce productivity by enabling resource pooling
  • Boost user experience by ensuring application availability and avoiding network failures
  • Increase ROI by leveraging existing IT infrastructure
  • Future-proof your data center by integrating it with disruptive technologies

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