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Higher data volumes, constantly changing traffic patterns, and the need for rapidly developing and releasing new applications, requires an agile next-generation data network. Companies are facing high operational costs, as management of legacy network infrastructure is mostly manual and highly dependent on onsite IT resources. Moreover, in the absence of security features like multi-context firewalls, remote access, and single sign-on (SSN), companies are exposed to greater operational risk

TCS Solution

. Our services include zero-touch network provisioning, security enhancement, and maximum virtualization. We help companies integrate their existing network with modern technology platforms such as cloud, high-speed wireless, and virtual networks, while ensuring minimum disruption to business operations. TCS’ System Integration Services for Intelligent Networks entail the following aspects:

  • Technology implementation: Migration to optimized target network with robust security features and advanced virtualization
  • Cost optimization: Selection of technologies that involve low capital expenditure
  • Industry best practices: Commitment to continuous improvement and strict productivity standards
  • Resource utilization: Maximization of span of control and better resource pooling


  • Greater customer satisfaction – Develop and deploy high-performance applications quickly
  • Reduced operational costs – Lower maintenance costs with network virtualization
  • Superior network security – Implement advanced cyber risk management features
  • Higher application availability – Boost network performance with robust technologies  
  • Enhanced workforce productivity – Automate network provisioning and monitoring

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