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Increasing and persistent complexity of customer interactions and pressures of growth has led to the role of marketing in financial institutions to evolve beyond traditional responsibilities of brand management, advertising and market research. Reimagining critical marketing functions, customer engagement through new age digital marketing for banking and insurance and improving accountability and attribution of marketing performance are some of the key focus areas of the modern day marketing department in financial institutions.

Marketers must work collaboratively with their enterprise counterparts to develop, deliver and communicate their value offerings to their customers over relevant engagement channels. Change being imminent in marketing; financial institutions have an opportunity to innovate to understand and stay ahead of change.

TCS Solution

The modern marketer in banks and financial institutions is responsible for technology, innovation, analytics, and customer experience in addition to their core function of being custodians of the brand. TCS offers a wide range of strategic marketing services for banking and financial institutions with key focus areas being marketing technology, marketing intelligence, and marketing experience.

  • Marketing technology: Navigation in the complex ecosystem of marketing technology for financial services; accordingly enable identification, deployment and maintenance of the best technical solutions to offer efficiency and serve marketing needs.
  • Marketing intelligence: Accurate internal and external data is the backbone of marketing campaigns, deriving insights on industry, customer, market and competitors in the financial market. We offer both qualitative and quantitative analytics services to help banks and financial institutions gain actionable intelligence from data to improve sales and marketing performance.
  • Marketing experience: Solutions towards management of campaigns, internal communication and channel operations. Campaign support revolves around the areas of strategy, design, build, personalization, and deployment. Channel management addresses the need of banks and insurers to effectively leverage the multitude of marketing channels in existence.  


TCS Strategic Marketing Services enables Banking and Financial Institutions to realize marketing value leveraging a wide range of capabilities

  • Insights to intelligence: Analytics frameworks and marketing technology to gain insight driven reports and data visualization
  • Data-driven customer communication: 360-degree view of customer and execution of optimal communication strategies
  • Channel performance: Value creation through augmentation and operational improvement
  • Enable strategic marketing decisions: Drive effective business decisions with actionable insights
  • Marketing transformation: Optimize operational efforts through digitization of marketing processes and technology. 

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