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TCS Streamlines ASML’s Field Operations
Louis Luijten, Senior Vice President and CIO, ASML, talks about how TCS has helped the company ensure robust operations, as well as focus on strategic and futuristic initiatives to drive business growth.
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Experience Results

Louis Luijten talks about the structural improvements TCS introduced in over 150 applications at ASML, which have enhanced system availability by over 70%. He also mentions TCS’ strong focus on innovation that helped ASML develop sophisticated mobile applications for field engineers, resulting in significant increase in employee productivity.

Experience Partnership

Louis believes TCS and ASML share the same goals and objectives with regard to business growth, making this a mutually beneficial relationship – the mark of a true partnership. He lauds TCS for bringing in motivated and skilled people who appreciate the importance of shorter response times for business-critical issues.

Experience Leadership

Noting TCS’ competence in developing innovative IT solutions using digital technologies, Louis highlights how this has helped ASML achieve its strategic business objectives and accelerate growth plans. He adds, “We have chosen TCS because of the quality, their commitment, their ability to deliver and they know the meaning of a real long-lasting partnership.”

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