TCS Tackles Mine Safety

ARC Analyst Dick Hill writes about TCS’ unique underground miner location tracking solution, which aims to comply with improved worker safety requirement in mining industry

TCS has been working on a solution for continuous miner location and tracking systems, to help companies in the mining sector to communicate with their miners and identify their locations.

Using a combination of technologies, TCS’ system tracks the physical location and movements of the miners at all times. Access points are strategically located throughout the mine such that the individual miners’ location and movement can be detected when they come into proximity of the various access points.  

ARC believes that the timing of TCS’ introduction of its new underground miner location tracking solution system could not have been better. With the increased pressure on mining companies to improve worker safety, this solution appears to be a step in the right direction.

“While the appropriate regulatory agencies have not yet evaluated the system for compliance with mining safety regulations, TCS has anticipated this requirement, and designed the system and all its components with compliance in mind. The first complete installation is now underway at the Jhanjra coal mine in eastern India.”

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