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While companies continue to release new applications to stay competitive, their legacy network platforms are often unable to support such initiatives. Typical network infrastructures consist of several heterogeneous components, complicating operations and increasing maintenance cost. Modernization efforts entail high costs and transition risk, and are not always successful as customer data networks may continue to be based on legacy platforms.

TCS Solution

with recommended technology enablers.  We provide implementation and integration services to accelerate the adoption of next-generation technologies like software-defined networks and WAN, and cloud computing. Our approach is centered on:

  • Technology: Deploy reliable, future-proof technologies, with multi-tenant architecture and robust security features
  • Implementation and integration: Ensure tight integration between existing and new components, and establish a public cloud connect
  • Process: Simplify processes, and implement industry and productivity standards for continuous improvement
  • Resources: Enable resource pooling and cross-skilling, and optimize the span of control


  • Greater customer satisfaction – Provision high-quality network services on time
  • Reduce operational costs – Decrease maintenance costs with advanced virtualization
  • Optimize TCO – Lower CAPEX and OPEX, helping boost ROI
  • Minimize transition risk – Enable migration to future state with minimum downtime
  • Bolster network security – Deploy advanced security features to reduce cyber risks
  • Increase organizational efficiency – Enhance productivity with simplified workflows


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