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Enterprises increasingly rely on advanced analytics to identify patterns, detect anomalies, and glean tangible insights from complex data. 

However, conventional data visualization mechanisms are often difficult to interpret, and lead to extended cycle times. 

Therefore, enterprises are investing in intuitive visualization platforms, which can:

  • Facilitate intuitive visual interpretations of data
  • Improve the data-ink ratio
  • Deliver visual intelligence for informed decision making.

TCS Solution

to promote high-end visual analytics.

The tool leverages our growing repository of basic and advanced visual representations (network, tree or hierarchy, layouts, maps, time-series, and correlation), and is augmented by our value added services.

The robust Vitellus platform designed for rapid deployment, and offers: 

  • An interactive JavaScript graphics library built around open-source visualization libraries.
  • Prebuilt, configurable components to adapt to an organization’s existing technology.
  • Hidden patterns and trends from data to improve objective decision making, and strengthen competitive advantage.

TCS offers services to integrate our solution with web applications and existing reporting portals, business intelligence (BI) tools, and advanced analytics packages.


  • Improve the visual analytics experience for business and IT teams
  • Avoid complexities with a simple, ready-to-use, self-service solution
  • Remove dependency on niche data visualization development skill sets
  • Leverage reusable, customized visuals to address business needs
  • Achieve scalability, drive rapid delivery, and agile development in self-service mode
  • Empower enterprise users with a simplified view of data in different visual layouts
  • Improve business performance with faster, more efficient decision making
  • Enriching the experience of ‘Data has Shape, Colour and Texture’.

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