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Westpac Uncovers Deep Insights with Analytics
Dr. Leif Evensen, GM Business Performance & Analytics, AFS Westpac Banking Corporation talks about how the strategic alliance with TCS has helped them achieve higher operational standards and process efficiency.
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Westpac Banking Corporation: Australia’s first bank and financial-services provider
Banking and Financial Services
Basel Model Validation Capital and Risk Weighted Assets Impact Assessments

Experience Results

TCS’ efforts led to optimized processes at Westpac, also resulting in higher operational standards. Dr. Leif states, "All our engagement with TCS from day one was thoroughly professional. We’ve been satisfied with the quality that we’re receiving from TCS, and all our KPIs and SLAs have been exceeded from day one.”

Experience Partnership

According to him, there is no doubt that TCS has gone well beyond its role as a service provider. He appreciates how TCS has taken genuine interest in understanding Westpac’s business processes and operations, which has led to a very productive partnership. Dr. Leif remarks, “They work as one blended onshore-offshore team, working towards common goals.”

Experience Leadership

Given the incredible global reach, work experience across industries and huge client base, TCS has extensive knowledge of and exposure to innovative approaches in analytical methodologies, Dr. Leif believes. “We receive advice and good insights from TCS on mechanisms that are a crucial part of analytics’ capability in any major bank,” he further highlights.

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