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TCS wins "F1000 Poster Award" at the 22nd Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology

ISMB, 2014

TCS recently won the F1000 Poster Award at the 22nd Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology. The conference brings together computational biology researchers of every career stage from around the world. The F1000 poster awards were presented to the outstanding ISMB 2014 poster presentations in the category.

The poster presented a comprehensive and easily extensible open source tool for Human Genome Annotation called VARANT, written in the Python programming language. While several tools for annotating variants are available, the VARANT distinguishes itself by being fully open source, capable of using multiple processors/cores for speedy annotation and providing extensive annotation of UTR and non-coding regions in addition to the customary annotations of genes. An additional highlight of the tool is the ability to incorporate various inheritance models into the annotation process, which when coupled with phenotype information can be used to quickly generate a list of prioritized genes and variants. The tool has been successfully used to identify causal variants in rare immuno-disorders.

Click here for a list of the award winning entries.

Click here to view the poster.  


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