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As climate change becomes harder to ignore, sustainability has moved from a desirable option to a must-have business strategy. Unsustainable business practices harm the environment, lead to avoidable operation costs and negatively impact profit 


TCS Solution

This is where TCS Zero Carbon emission Platform comes in. It’s a solution that helps businesses measure carbon emissions and know where they stand regarding their carbon footprint and how to reduce it. This platform was created to empower TCS, which aims to go net-zero by 2030, and other businesses to reduce and offset their carbon footprint and drive low-carbon supply chains. TCS Zero Carbon emission Platform is an active enabler of TCS's mission to achieve zero emissions by 2030. TCS has partnered with UN Global Compact Network (UNGC) Malaysia to drive sustainability practices among Malaysian SMEs and drive low carbon supply chains through TCS Zero Carbon emission Platform.


  • Measure: TCS Zero Carbon emission Platform's carbon calculator gives a comprehensive measure of a company’s carbon footprint
  • Reduce: The sustainability dashboard generates data that allows businesses to monitor carbon footprint reduction. Organizations can store and monitor data for multiple business locations, making it easier to target business sustainability efforts
  • Manage: TCS Zero Carbon emission Platform features a marketplace of carbon offset initiatives for companies to reduce their emissions. Organizations can also avail of consultancy services to know how they can adopt sustainable business practices to lower carbon emissions.

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