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TDC Boosts Resource Utilization
Helle Larsen, Vice President – Digital OSS Core Area, TDC, talks about the company’s six-year-long association with TCS and how our workforce management offerings have helped the telco boost resource utilization.
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Experience Results

Helle talks about TDC’s workforce management programme where TCS helped the company shift from a legacy setup to an automated platform that has resulted in huge cost savings, to the tune of USD 10 MM. Lauding TCS’ role as the IT partner to TDC, Helle remarks,  “TCS has performed like a role model in delivery services.”

Experience Leadership

Helle believes leadership is when you are able to set the right team, the right skill set, the right mix. And, that’s what she found in TCS. She says, “There is the thing about the TCS guys, they are very loyal and they are extremely hard working and taking that into consideration together with skilled telco PMs, developers, testers, you have the best team ever.”

Experience Partnership

Talking about how the relationship between TDC and TCS has evolved, Helle says, while TCS may have started as a vendor to TDC but has now become a preferred IT partner to the company. Calling it one team, she remarks, “TCS really stepped up when we again switched to the capacity agreement where we became one team.”


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