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Innovative technologies in Healthcare



Technology-driven Healthcare Post-COVID-19 

Next Normal, New Frontiers, and New Horizons 

The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the limits of the global healthcare industry, stretching across multiple functions from supply chain to care delivery. The pandemic has brought to the surface a number of critical challenges. Some of these include huge demand for intensive care, disruptions to supply chain, increased need for chronic care, restricted pharmacy and lab visits, a surge in demand for behavioral health services, prioritization of distribution of limited resources, and cancellation of elective procedures, ophthalmology, dental, and clinical therapy sessions. This paper examines the next phase in normal in healthcare, which demands business and technology innovation, rapid transformation, and community-wide adoption at a scale never seen before.

Viswanathan Ganapathy

Chief Architect, Healthcare Platform Solutions Group, TCS

Vinodh Ramadoss

Senior Engagement Manager, Healthcare Unit, TCS

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