Technology must be a central platform for marketing, branding, and customer experience - 10 Sep 2019

“Today, every enterprise has embraced digital, but digital technologies alone don’t make your company or brand digital. The savviest companies are using digital to create and enable interactions that are friction-free, instantaneously responsive, and highly purposeful. They are using digital to deliver content that is thoughtful, curated, and personalized,” says Sunil Karkera, Global Head at TCS Interactive.

He opines that the next wave of digital will be in the larger arena of BrandTech: using data more coherently, quickly, and intelligently to deliver contextual and intelligent experiences, not just messages.

“BrandTech builds on the MarTech notion of the application of technology to marketing, but it is deeper, more holistic, and far-reaching. BrandTech doesn’t merely harness technology; it puts technology at the very core of the marketing function” explains Karkera.

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