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Digital thread offers OEMs peak service outcomes

To deliver differentiated value and build loyalty of their customers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are innovating across the value chain and ecosystems to offer outcome-based, pay-as-you-use services. This requires tighter collaboration across functions – engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, service, and partners. Continuous, two-way digital thread and data science capabilities can enable faster adoption of new-age services while lowering costs for manufacturers.

Through numerous case studies, this white paper explores how digital thread, in particular, can help OEMs deliver peak service outcomes to their customers. This white paper is a collaboration between TCS and PTC.

Leslie Paulson

General Manager, Servigistics Business Unit, PTC

Mohan Gatta

Managing Partner, Customer Experience and Service Life Cycle Consulting and Advisory Practice, Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing, TCS


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