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In today’s volatile and complex business world, enterprises increasingly need to become digitally smarter to respond to the evolving needs of their customers and stakeholders across the value chain. This makes it imperative for them to transform their business operations by embracing technology-led innovation to enhance agility and compliance, and meet changing market conditions.

TCS Solution

TCS Business Operations Technology Solutions, an integral part of our ValueBPS™ approach, accelerate an enterprises’ ability to exceed business objectives by re-imagining operations, and help achieve sustained and profitable growth. Our solutions are broadly categorized into:

  • backed by industry standard processes and leading-edge technology

  • Digitization solutions leveraging our TRAPEZE™ suite of solution accelerators and transformation solutions

  • Automation through our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services that enable higher operational efficiency, faster turnaround time, and 100% compliance of business operations


  • Achieve enhanced levels of Straight Through Processing

  • Ensure ~100% compliance and accuracy

  • Achieve higher productivity and faster time to market

  • Deliver superior customer experience

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