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Telia Unifies API Management

TCS helps the telecom major set up a cloud-based, scalable platform that boosts IT productivity. 

Telia Company
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Telia required a unified digital platform to efficiently manage APIs.

In the absence of an enterprise-wide API management platform, Telia’s independent IT units and projects found it challenging to collaborate meaningfully. There were no developer portals through which APIs could be accessed and externalized. Without a defined lifecycle management system and documentation process in place, the APIs could not be optimally reused. Telia, therefore, needed a centralized development and access platform to manage and create APIs for its partners, and in the process, enable prototyping.


TCS equips Telia with a robust API development and management platform.

This would accommodate capabilities and features to develop, discover, document, and reuse APIs.

Using a three-phased approach, TCS began the transformation process. The first phase defined API lifecycles, from development, release, management, to operations, and the tools required. This also required establishing governance guidelines in line with Telia’s existing policies. During the next phase, TCS built the development and testing pipeline, and automated the relevant processes. The final phase dealt with developing advanced capabilities like API analytics and integrated monitoring  with third party tools.

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