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Leverage an ecosystem-led approach to drive your sustainability strategy

At TCS, we have always believed that businesses exist to serve communities. That belief has guided our commitment to create a positive impact on the world and respond to the changing needs of the communities we serve. Today, the world faces many new challenges that will shape the way we live, but none are mounting as quickly as those related to sustainable development.

So far, the global approach to sustainability has largely been about damage control, with businesses left to develop their own approaches. We see the need to approach sustainability as a collective goal based on shared knowledge—no single organization can create a sustainable future so an ecosystem approach must be adopted. This goal requires moving from mitigation to regeneration, from a reactive mindset of “doing less” harm” to a proactive mindset of “doing more good”. By doing so, there will be positive outcomes for businesses, their employees and customers, and the planet in general.




“We believe that enterprises can build sustainable, inclusive, and greater futures for their stakeholders by adopting an organic, inside out transformation model, rather than outside in, externally-driven standardized change agendas.”  

Rajesh Gopinathan, TCS’ CEO and Managing Director






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In today’s business environment, sustainability management is crucial due to the following

Increasing Cost of Resources

Economic development drives increased consumer demand for key resources, increasing the cost of food, energy, and water, as well as amplifying the scarcity of virgin materials. 



Investor Demands

Investors are now increasingly looking at sustainability performance when evaluating a company’s potential for future returns. Global ESG assets on track to exceed $53 trillion by 2025, representing more than 1/3 of the projected total assets under management.












Dynamic competitive landscape

The quest for sustainability is already starting to transform the competitive landscape, forcing companies to change their business models. In a survey, 66% of all respondents and 75% of millennial respondents said they consider sustainability when making a purchase (WEF report).



Increasing sustainability-based laws and regulations

Governmental and industry regulations are forcing companies to incorporate sustainability into their BAU operations. Phasing out coal, reversing deforestation, and transitioning as agreed in COP26, along with the net-zero commitments per the Paris Accords, means a significant change in current ways of working.








A world of new opportunities to seize


Build resilience and grow through change

TCS can help you navigate and protect against an increasing rate of economic and environmental disruption in order to grow stronger and more sustainably. 




Support inclusion and equality for all

TCS can help you create equal opportunity by building solutions that address the needs of disadvantaged, marginalized, or underrepresented communities. 




Adapt how we work and live

TCS can help you facilitate sustainable and inclusive economic growth and social mobility, while providing individuals with the opportunity to work where and how they want.




Nurture future generations

TCS can help you build a more inclusive and secure planet for future generations, providing access to knowledge and resources to improve the quality of life for future generations.




Choose how to connect and what to consume

TCS can help you give individuals greater choice and control over how and where they live and engage with the world around them.








TCS leverages deep partnerships and contextual knowledge to help you meet your sustainability goals


Tackle climate change and preserve our natural resources 

Organizations must do everything in their power to combat climate change and its adverse impact collaborating on mitigation and proactive measures to pivot to a low-carbon (or no-carbon) economy.

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Embed circularity in your products and services 

Organizations must have a holistic life-cycle view of all products and services to enable their entire ecosystem to act with a closed-loop, cradle-to-cradle approach. 

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Nurture your workforce and empower human capital 

Organizations should actively welcome all people and ensure equal health, safety, welfare, education, enablement, and treatment across their value chain.

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Build an inclusive, regenerative, and thriving society

Stakeholder capitalism provides immense opportunities by evalulating the value-add of a business to every stakeholder.

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Innovate for social & environmental impact 

By investing in research and development, in collaboration with ecosystem partners, academia, startups, government, and others, organizations can accelerate their transition to a sustainable business. 

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Drive transparency with all stakeholders

Evolving mandates and regulations require organizations to be agile in their responsiveness, providing transparency and visibility to all stakeholders.

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TCS has more than 200 offerings to help you meet your sustainability goals

No matter where you are in your journey, our experts can guide you to:

Envision and design


Scale and operate

Measure and monitor



Analyze and assess