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Welcome to the Digital CFO Hub. A safe space to foster dialogue and debate between finance leaders committed to embrace the future. A place that will reorient the mindset and skillset required to navigate the disruption triggered by the pandemic.  All Business rules, specifically the role of a CFO has been radically realtered in recent months.

This space will create conversations through podcasts and thought leadership interviews which will spark conversations on the responses needed to not just survive but thrive in the new environment.

Here you can hear fellow practitioners and CFOs reflect on how to leverage data which is seen as the “new oil” and how to wade through overwhelming loads of data for intelligent interpretation. You will also find ways to rescript the role of digital finance in sharpening the new enterprise edge.

Since this community is drawn mostly from TCS Customer relationships, you would also get to hear success stories on how traditional finance functions have been transformed into nimble footed agile, digital functions that have superior and speedy decision-making capabilities. And how such tools are driving value through rapid execution and growth.

In this episode, we will explore:

How can CFOs better leverage data to succeed with Hyper planning and rapid decision making: The critical role of high-quality information and how CFO organizations are approaching

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Megan Billingsley

Megan Billingsley, Megan has had the opportunity to moderate webinars for studioID since 2018, working with a wide variety of clients through the years.  Outside of her work with studioID, Megan facilitates meetings, conducts interviews, and plans/executes in-person and virtual conferences as well as serving as a radio personality for Positive Alternative Radio, Inc.  She got her start in marketing and promotions with CBS Radio and is a graduate of George Mason University and Drexel University.

Keith D. Taylor

Keith D. Taylor – Chief Financial Officer, Equinix, Inc.

Keith Taylor leads the company’s global finance organization, including accounting, business assurance, financial planning and analysis, finance transformation, investor relations, payroll, procurement, real estate, risk and security, stock services, tax and treasury.

During his 22+ year tenure, Keith has stewarded the company through a period of exceptional growth, delivering approximately $6 billion in annual revenue and a record-setting 18 years of consecutive quarterly revenue growth. He has completed 27 acquisitions and deployed more than $40 billion of capital to help fund the growth. Keith also oversees the company’s commitment to sustainability leadership, including developing a Green Finance Framework to benefit the communities where Equinix operates as well as its employees and stakeholders.

Keith joined Equinix in 1999 after holding a number of senior finance roles at International Wireless Communications and Becton Dickinson & Company. He was named a “Best CFO” on Institutional Investor’s prestigious 2021 list. Keith holds a B.B.A. from Bishop's University in Quebec, and is a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Andrew Karolyi

Andrew Karolyi – Dean of Academic Affairs, distinguished professor of Management & Finance, SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University

Andrew Karolyi is Deputy Dean and College Dean for Academic Affairs at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. He is a professor of finance and holder of the Harold Bierman Jr. Distinguished Professorship in the College’s Johnson Graduate School of Management. He is also a professor of economics in Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences. Professor Karolyi is a scholar in the area of investment management with a specialization in the study of international financial markets. He has published extensively in journals in finance and economics, including the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics and Review of Financial Studies, and has published several books and monographs.

Vikas Gopal

Vikas Gopal - Global Managing Partner of Finance & Global Shared Services Transformation Consulting & Services Integration, Tata Consultancy Services.

Vikas Gopal is the Global Managing Partner within Tata Consultancy Services with responsibility for CFO solutions and consulting. He has extensive experience advising CFO's on industry trends and strategies for next-generation shared services, finance, and digital transformation. Vikas has held leadership roles in corporate and consulting and has led the strategy, design, and implementation of several transformative programs.

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Megan Billingsley:

CFOs have had to step up and play a critical strategic role in transforming their organizations away from traditional operating models to one that gives access to insights in real time. However, many are unclear on the best way forward. That's why we've launched The Many Faces of the Modern CFO podcast series. During each episode, you'll have access to thought leadership interviews, which will spark conversations on the responses needed to not just survive, but to thrive in today's environment. TCS, along with CFO, identified the top 10 challenges for CFOs as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the top challenges that required immediate focus was lack of real-time insights to make quick business decisions. In this first episode, we're discussing how CFOs can better leverage data to succeed. I'm joined by Vikas Gopal, Andrew Karolyi and Keith Taylor. You'll hear more about their backgrounds in just a moment. Let's get started.