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Impact of COVID-19 on CSPs: Sharpening focus on security, reliability, resilience

Telcos leverage Business 4.0TM to ensure operational adaptability and scale agility

COVID-19’s impact on the telecommunications industry has been multi-faceted. Given the considerable shift in consumption demands for content, gaming and communication, CSPs have introduced affordable, uncapped data plans with delayed payment options. As CSPs forge new collaborations, sharpen customer focus and scale capacity, the business strategy for communications service providers post COVID-19 must focus on:

  • AI-based automated processes and self-heal capabilities including diagnostics, self-care, chat interfaces, app-enabled products and services
  • Embracing purpose-centric processes to drive proactive and predictive, zero-touch customer engagement. 
  • Scaling capabilities to manage a distributed workforce, automate operations, and provide connectivity-extended solutions. 
  • Leveraging brand equity to become the fundamental orchestrator of emerging purpose-centric ecosystems.
  • Offering integrated product suites for digital surveillance, elderly care, smart health services, remote learning, smart cities, 5G, and more
Sankaranarayanan “Shanky” Viswanathan

CTO - Communications, Media and Information Services Business Unit and Head - Industry Advisory Group, TCS


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