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There is virtually no task or service that the ubiquitous mobile phone doesn’t offer today.  At TCS, we realized that leveraging this power of the cellphone, would go a long way towards enhancing employee productivity as it would make possible the easy completion of several critical tasks that employees need to mandatorily complete on a daily or monthly basis.  We devised a global enterprise mobility strategy as a foundation to build a connected enterprise-employee ecosystem. A mobile app enablement was the first outcome of this mobile-first strategy.

Flexibility and scalability were two critical parameters that had to be met to provide enterprise-wide mobile services. The idea was to deliver a top-notch user experience to our global workforce. Today, with over 64 business critical services available on-the-go through this mobile platform, the solution has enhanced employee productivity while instilling business agility. 


Access to information on the go is key if one is to truly remove workplace boundaries and bring a shift in remote working trends. Mobile apps have reinvented the TCS working model, empowering employees to embrace connectivity and offering a flexibility to work using their own devices. This has become even more important given the remote working scenario enforced by the pandemic, when getting work done from outside office boundaries is essential to business continuity. TCS’ mobile-first strategy focuses on removing roadblocks that arise out of remote working, and building a more resilient and adaptable enterprise. Our in-house mobile platform provides employees easy access to business-critical applications and instant communication on the enterprises top-level goals. The app has furthered rich collaboration, facilitated organizational Initiatives, and has helped realize the idea of “One TCS”. 

“In the age of borderless workspaces to empower employees with remote working options, we endeavor to provide on-the-go services with our mobile-first vision. Our innovation-driven enterprise mobile apps are designed to deliver greater agility and a consumer-grade experience to every TCS employee to build a connected enterprise.“

Abhijit Mazumder – Chief Information Officer, Tata Consultancy Services

The internal mobile platform is packed with powerful features that deliver a rich user experience for employees.  

An On-the-Cloud Unified app store

This allows the over 453,000 workforce, spread across 46+ countries, to take advantage of business-critical mobility services, allowing them to work quickly and efficiently anytime, anywhere. Liberating the workforce from a desk device, the platform helps employees use apps for courses on skill development, book transport through an AI-based transport management app, apply for leave and log in their daily effort even as they securely access everything through authenticator pass codes. Furthermore, focusing on overall employee health and wellbeing, the apps also lets employee track their fitness. It also houses various partner and 3rd party apps such as email, health insurance providers and collaboration apps, all easy to access in one place safely and securely.

Customized, Personalized Communication

Customized notifications are sent at multiple granularity levels based on geography, verticals, services and according to user profiles. By leveraging the exceptional feature designed for disaster awareness by means of workplace announcements and demography-based emergency alerts, the platform helped issue crucial COVID -19 advisories, helping the workforce stay informed and updated. Multiple daily care notes were sent through these push-notifications to keep the employees’ spirits uplifted to ease through the uncertainty, especially in the early days of the pandemic. Today, something as simple as logging in daily service hours is so much easier and takes the guessing or memorizing out of the game. Forgot to log hours yesterday? The app immediately sends in a reminder for an employee to do the needful. 

Infusing Leadership Agility

The app has also enabled real-time, actionable intelligent insights for our leadership to conduct business reviews, performance evaluations and establish global shareholder connect.

Increased agility and productivity propelled by TCS’ Mobile-First strategy


The platform, designed and built by TCS IT-Ultimatix, uses a best-in-class technology stack comprising cloud, analytics, and automation, and is supported on both iOS and Android devices. It uses an intelligent system with voice-recognition capability to create an empathetic experience. Given the vulnerability that arises from accessing data on phone, enhanced security practices are in place to safeguard against data breach and mitigate the risk of integration with third-party solutions.

The Power of Mobile-First During A Pandemic

The authenticator service has fostered an enterprise-wide secure work culture by strengthening access using a one-time auth code. As a response to the current pandemic, this new dimension of secure password less login has seen our employees securely access enterprise applications across the globe, regardless of the time zone they operate in. Similarly, using the timesheet app on their mobile phones, employees’ clock in their daily efforts anytime and anywhere in just a few touches. This has in turn sped up the billing and revenue generation process.

Before the pandemic, we already had in place a transport management app to help employees with their transportation needs, especially if they were working late. Post the pandemic, this transport app feature was redesigned and now helps employees get secure hardware delivered to the doorstep and thus facilitates remote working for them.

Leveraging this platform, the SBWSTM Governance Utility was made available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

These are just a few instances of how our global mobility platform has provided our employees a consumer-grade experience, even as it addresses the aspects of security, transparency, and accountability to enable work as a borderless organization. Mobile-first helps our employees stay in touch and connected no matter what the time or place.

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