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Until a few years ago, concepts like AI and Cloud hadn’t made their presence felt in the way they are a reality today in industry and commerce. And until March 2020, when the world was hit by the pandemic, business had itself been unaware of the shifts the marketplace was to see.

TCS, as part of its larger growth and transformation agenda, has taken it upon itself to reskill its employee base to equip them to face the challenges offered in an increasingly digital Business 4.0 world. This has called for a renewed approach towards fostering a culture of learning, and talent development. 

Krishnan Ramanujam

Talent development at TCS has also maintained a steadfast eye on enabling and distributing the right kind of leadership across the organization. The focus has not only been on nurturing a rounded and digitally skilled base of associates, but also on developing leaders who are always aware, always current, and always upbeat about the future - across geographies, competencies and the managerial spectrum.

This continual investment into an enterprise-wide culture of learning has grown even more significant in the current pandemic crisis and in the light of the urgent need that has emerged for a digitally diverse workforce.

The TCS Business 4.0™ framework is designed not only for customers but has also been adopted internally, with a behavioral focus towards leveraging the talent ecosystem. Digital skilling at TCS is designed to offer employees direction at various levels – junior, operational, and strategic. An ecosystem for digital reskilling has been systematically created over the years within which an entire team collaboratively adapts to a new way of learning.

The guiding thought behind talent development at TCS was that the enterprise be able to draw from a ready pool of human resources to take on digital transformational projects as and when the need arises. Given the current global health crisis, that need has arisen. Be it urgent RPA implementations in banking, or timely cyber security enhancements from remote working environments, the current global health crisis has reinforced the importance of having a ready, and digitally diverse and upskilled workforce.

“Our continuous investment in reskilling has prepared our employee base for fungibility and rapid shift and self-learning. And these traits, principles and values are re-emphasized by the current situation that we are in. The strong commitment that we have to our employee base is being reflected and repaid in the kind of phenomenal effort that each and every TCSer has put to transition the company into this new (remote) operating model.”

Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO and Managing Director, TCS
A Revamped Platform To Boost Employee Learning

We have invested in a series of talent development technologies to accomplish the larger goal of building a workforce aligned to strategic business objectives and to bring in a cultural shift in learning, using an integrated digital learning platform.The platform is designed to use embedded analytics and prediction engines to find and deploy the right talent.

The focus has been on virtual, gamified and self-paced learning, and on collaborative work engagements. The organization also devised a group learning system, personalized to each team and pivoted on a self-initiated learning mechanism, rather than making learning mandatory⁠— a ‘pull’ instead of a ‘push’ approach. An ecosystem was thus created within which an entire team comes together to learn collaboratively and adapt to a new way of learning. 

The focus has been on deep skilling, immersive, hands-on, and business-contextual and experiential learning. There are as many as 2,400 competencies and over 11,000 courses, with 1,600+ courses in digital skills in areas including AI, cyber security and blockchain.The revamp of the learning platform, based on cloud and digital core architecture has exponentially improved user experience, making learners return to the platform, thereby increasing learning hours. A total of four million+ learning days were recorded in FY20 with an average of 9.4 learning days per associate. As many as 365K TCS employees added 3 million+ learning hours with the enterprise’s special #Learn in Lockdown initiative.

TCS was able to fulfil a significant portion of digital talent demand through internal skilling efforts, relying minimally on external hiring, and contracting only for niche skills, regionally


In-House Algorithm To Calculate Readiness And Deployability

An in-house algorithm measures the breadth and depth of an associate’s progression in digital skills and their level of readiness to be deployed in projects. This internal TCS score measures the digital skills of associates to quantify how close their profile is to an ideal ‘T-shaped Digital-DevOps Ninja’ that is in top demand in the industry today. The methodology helps in spotting the best talent within the enterprise and deploying them as consultants in critical projects.

Empowering a workforce to be future-ready

The enterprise has navigated every technology change by investing in organic talent development to help employees acquire new skills, explore new roles and realize their potential, in keeping with its core value of fostering a culture of lifelong learning. The talent reskilling saw TCS gain multiple industry recognition; it was awarded the IDG AGENDA 20 – Future Edge 50 Award and won Brandon Hall- Bronze award 2019 for its group learning platform.

Workforce reskilling and a reimagination of the learning culture has provided TCS ready access to a 450K+ talent base with required skills while keeping our associates relevant, contributing towards their professional growth, and making them future ready. Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekharan explained this reimagined outlook towards talent development best when he said, “There are no legacy people, there are only legacy technologies.”  TCS’ investment in reskilling, upskilling and continual learning is more crucial now than ever given the extraordinary and tectonic shifts taking place in businesses, economies and the universal marketplace in light of the pandemic.

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