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Business & Technology Services
12 May 2019

A superior customer experience (CX) is a major driver of profit and recurring revenue. A differentiated and competitive experience will attract new customers and keep them coming back.

The first step in revamping CX is to benchmark customer behaviors in each customer channel. Two questions should be asked:

  • Do we have channel transition plans in place for all our IT systems so that we can connect them all?

  • Are we fully measuring customer satisfaction with our CX? This could include using voice and text analytics to assess levels of frustration or satisfaction. 

Once you have addressed these questions and have filled any gaps, six more tasks remain.

To-Do List:

Close any talent gaps: Having the right skills and people behind your CX design is key. For example, a dialogue editor who can write scripts, integrate into creative teams and harmonize messages across channels can be a valuable asset in building engaging customer experiences.

Get the communications right: Business jargon, inconsistent tone and a formal style can frustrate customers and incite them to complain about your company on social media. Instead, you need to make all your online communication with customers match the way they talk. 

Lead with design thinking and personalization: A tailor-made customer experience delivers outstanding service and builds trust. When credit card companies use smartphone location services to detect fraudulent activity and recognize that the customer has lost her card, they can send an alert. This capability builds trust and loyalty.

Use data-driven insights to constantly develop new offerings: By analyzing customer data, companies can continuously develop additional products and services that drive CX improvements. Take banks that create affiliate-marketing programs. They offer customers coupons for restaurant chains and then evaluate the ROI of the value-added service, revising the initiative as needed. As customer demands change, so should a company’s CX offering.

Monitor user experience (UX) quality to remain fresh and competitive: Minimizing the number of steps in a transaction helps keep customers on board. The UX should be as simple and as intuitive as possible; customers want speed and simplicity. Today, AI-driven automation is the go-to technology for providing simply transactions. Amazon’s website is a great example. Once a customer places an item in her virtual shopping cart, she can complete the purchase in just one click.

Follow the ROI: Companies that share customer data across business units and functions can increase the value of their CX investment. For instance, making sales data available to R& and Marketing can improve cross-selling opportunities. 
Providing unmatched customer experiences is a never-ending task. Customer behaviors, needs and wants are constantly changing, and businesses must be responsive. As you constantly evolve your CX, return to the to-do list to make sure your company’s customer experience is still competitive.

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Business & Technology Services

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