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Markets today demand rapid product and service delivery at lower costs. To meet this challenge, the development lifecycle needs to be rapid, and businesses must also ensure best-in-class end-user experience. Quality Assurance and Testing is a strategic lever that businesses rely upon to mitigate risks and protect their brand while achieving their larger business goals. Therefore, finding the right assurance partner is central to producing and delivering world leading products and experiences.

TCS Solution

and superior end-user experiences. Our services include:

  • Test Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Test Services Implementation
    • Functional testing

    • Non-functional testing

    • Test automation

    • Static testing

    • Structural quality

    • Digital assurance

  • Managed Services for

    • Test environment management

    • Test data management

    • Release, configuration, and change management

  • Solutions such as

    • Intelligent Testing System for end to end lifecycle automation

    • NETRA for test environment management

    • 360° assurance powered test analytics for superior quality


By partnering with TCS Assurance Services, businesses can:

  • Increase revenues and profits

  • Improve end-user satisfaction and customer loyalty

  • Speed up release of new products and services

  • Reduce cost of quality

In addition to these benefits, our clients typically are able to:

  • Reduce test cycle times by 30–40%

  • Increase production capability by 20%

  • Reduce total cost of IT ownership by 30%

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