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Toward an ideal e-Governance scenario in India

In this white paper, we look at key determinants to improve governance through eGovernance in India. We seek to analyze limiting factors and impediments in the way of proliferating eGovernance in India. From an IT spend perspective on eGovernance, we look at trends in other countries and compare the per capita spend in India, which is very low with those of other countries.

IT initiatives in the government in India have largely been on a piecemeal basis characterized by a lack of vision that has limited the resultant benefits. The use of innovative Public Private Partnership models has also been very limited. We suggest a holistic approach based on innovative partnership models and provide some suggestions to maximize both, the adoption of eGovernance and changing the institutional framework for managing eGovernance.

Tanmoy Chakrabarty

Vice-President and Head, Public Services, TCS


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