Transforming India Stories
TCS Transforming India

TCS' technology has transformed how some of India’s most important schemes, services and businesses operate. In the next slides, we bring you the stories of transformations that benefited you and me. #TCSPartOfYourStory

The Bridge of Hope
The Bridge Of Hope Ep1:: TCS Transforming India

Not cement or steel, TCS used technology to build a bridge that connected the needy to what they needed most – quality healthcare. Watch the story. #TCSPartOfYourStory

The Last Mile
The Last Mile Ep2:: TCS Transforming India

A large part of our population lived in areas so remote, they had no access to even the most basic services. ​

See how TCS walked The Last Mile and used technology to include the excluded and change millions of lives. Watch the story. #TCSPartOfYourStory

The Race for Life 
The Race For Life Ep3:: TCS Transforming India

The entire scientific and pharmaceutical community is chasing a cure to the deadly COVID -19 virus. Speed is of the essence – the faster you find the cure, the more lives you save. See how TCS put its domain knowledge and technology to lead this race. #TCSPartOfYourStory 

An Eye To The Sky
An Eye To The Sky Ep 4: : TCS Transforming India

This story is out of this world – literally. See how TCS reached for the stars to create one of the world’s largest radio telescopes – Square Kilometer Array (SKA). What discoveries lie in store in interstellar life? Watch the film and find out. #TCSPartOfYourStory

The Invisible Money
The Invisible Money Ep 5: :TCS Transforming India

TCS used technology to empower Digital India by creating the world’s most innovative payments infrastructure. Connecting hundreds of banks, financial institutions and millions of citizens through digital platforms. See how this has helped a growing economy like ours.  #TCSPartOfYourStory