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Supplier performance improvement and cost management can transform supply chain

Leveraging digital communication tools, augmented reality, video surveillance and AI-driven solutions can bring exponential value not just in supply chain management, but also in driving long-term business growth.  

Digital solutions can play a vital role in: 

Supplier quality management: Involves checks and processes at various stages, including: 

  • Supplier onboarding 
  • Ongoing quality assurance 
  • Supplier inspection 
  • Supplier audit 

Supplier performance management: Monitors and measures performance against the targets set in quality, cost, delivery and service. 

Strategic cost management: Validates supplier costing using cost modeling helps in monitoring costs and prevents surprises at a later stage.    

Raju Sakri

Global Head – Sourcing Solutions, TCS

Yogesh Shah

Senior Consultant – Sourcing Solutions, TCS


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