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Transforming the Industrial Value Chain with Augmented Reality

Report by ARC Advisory Group 

The report highlights TCS' holistic approach, towards transforming the Industrial value chain across design, manufacturing, operations, maintenance & services.

According to ARC, TCS has a unique perspective that encompasses all aspects of the market: hardware, software, integration, and customer experience from inception to implementation. This holistic view, necessary to support its customers, also provides valuable insight into the progress and future potential of the technology and some general AR related trends. These include:

  • Software: AR solutions are becoming feasible to build and implement as organizations embrace digital strategies across their enterprises.
  • Hardware: AR hardware is maturing rapidly and by pairing with a holistic AR software platform is increasing the breadth of practical AR applications and rate of adoption.
  • Applications: AR adoption is finding good traction across both discrete and process industries with engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, and field service applications.

Download the report, for interesting insights, on how to unlock the potential of Augmented reality and success stories from various industries.


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