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Maersk wanted to streamline operations and automate reefer monitoring, which was dependent on external vendors.

Maersk, the world’s leading ocean carrier and integrated logistics provider, ships temperature-sensitive cargos like fruits, vegetables, meat, pharmaceuticals in refrigerated containers—reefers, whose ambient conditions need constant monitoring. Any deviation must be resolved with agility. Maersk, like most carriers, relied on third parties and manual methods to detect, notify, and resolve issues, causing delays in fixes and higher operational cost. There was a need to revolutionize reefer monitoring with real-time visibility and centralized solution for proactive operational decisions.


TCS supports Maersk in its reefer transformation journey, by developing a comprehensive monitoring solution.

With its deep domain knowledge of container shipping processes, TCS partnered with Maersk to define and develop the right fit architecture for a modular, loosely coupled solution.

The core solution involved integration of real-time data from reefers with the enterprise solution at Maersk to enable quick decision-making on reefer conditions. TCS delivered multiple solutions during the journey–automated alarm detection, corrections and closure, a workflow solution to streamline actions by different internal and external stakeholders, a vessel-based solution to on-board reefer technicians, integration of predictive algorithms to help detect issues before they turn into problems and support the implementation of a mobility solution for Maersk’s equipment maintenance and repair vendors. Autonomous management of reefer controller’s software is now possible remotely.

The solution, which has also provided visibility of monitoring data to Maersk’s customers, is built using Microsoft’s cloud IoT platform and technology components. It monitors a fleet of over 385,000 reefers and provides monitoring capabilities for over 450 vessels.


Maersk improves customer experience and achieves sustainable operational cost savings.

The industry-first initiative helps Maersk underscore its leadership in integrated container logistics. Maersk can carry cargo in the exact ambient conditions inside the container as desired by customers and promote sustainable business operations.

  • Automated monitoring at land and sea
  • Improved visibility of temperature conditions inside the container
  • Real-time detection of reefer malfunction, compared to traditional 12/24 hours through physical inspection
  • Enables Maersk to provide its customers with a complete supply chain solution
  • Reduce the risk of wastage of food items and critical cargo like medicines and blood plasma








With RCM we are able to detect problems in real time and act at speed which in the past was thought impossible. This is one example of how RCM is changing the reefer business for better” – Musaddique Iqbal Alatoor, Head of Equipment Innovation, Maersk A/S



Transforming a globally executed physical process through IoT and digitalization was one of the first in shipping industry and challenge was to enable platform readiness for new vision of organization to be integrator of container logistics, and RCM and IoT platform enable the same. We are proud of our teams and thankful to TCS in helping us delivering great ambitions.” – Siddhartha Kulkarni, Senior Engineering Manager – IoT, Maersk A/S

1 st

An industry-first initiative

385 k+

Reefer containers connected






2400 tons

CO2 emissions reduced via predictive maintenance solution

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