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The hospitality business is human centric — customers are guests. Although hotels set check-in and check-out time, front desk teams, in an attempt to enhance customer satisfaction, try to be flexible to accommodate guests for a few hours beyond the check-out time or allow them to extend stay. For business or transit hotels with more than 85% occupancy, such flexibilities cause operational challenges in room allocation.

The capabilities of AI-enabled cognitive engines that surpass the human mind can solve the operational challenges by calibrating and automating room allocation quickly and efficiently throughout the day to deal with arrivals. This enables hotels to not only enhance guest experience and enrich loyalty offerings, but also ensure optimized yield of sleeping rooms. Hotels can strengthen customer stickiness by pre-optimizing room allocation and guaranteeing room entitlements—especially for top-tier loyalty members—with cognitive AI engines.

Premraj Agnello Furtado

Head - Hospitality Strategic Initiatives Group